Judy Comer


Ms. Comer is an educational professional with more than 30 years of public school experience. She has held various leadership and support roles in curriculum and instruction, in staff development, and in general administration at the district level. During her educational career, she:

  • Coordinated the development and installation of curriculum at the middle and high - Collaborated on the preparation of grants and state/federal applications
  • Lead the district staff development program through a period of expansion and technology implementation
  • Contributed to the format and content of district strategic planning documents

Ms. Comer is associated with Education Planners as a writer and proofreader.

  • Cobb County Schools, 1971-2004
  • Leadership Cobb, Cobb Chamber of Commerce
  • Southwestern Community College (Sylva, N.C.) Instructor, 2004-2009

Recent Training Experiences

  • Workshop leader and demonstration teacher, Southwestern Community College