Ann Ferrell


Dr. Ann Ferrell has over thirty years of successful experience in education as a teacher, curriculum consultant, and school-based administrator. While serving as a middle school principal for 15 years, Ann recognized that school administrators have a profound need for assistance – partners, if you will – to help with a variety of tasks, especially professional learning. With the increasing demands placed on principals, it can be difficult to design and deliver the perfect training for a school staff. Ann steps in and works with principals to help them articulate unique needs and intended outcomes. She does the research/legwork, develops and delivers the training, and provides follow- up support. Ann is committed to providing teachers and administrators with practical strategies that they can implement in classrooms and schools immediately. With Ann as your partner, you can be assured that your teachers will receive quality professional learning and will come away with techniques that will advance achievement at your school.

Ann is committed to providing quality, customized professional learning for schools. Her trainings are relevant, interactive, and inspiring. Your teachers will leave with practical, research-based strategies that will enable them to be more successful while collaborating with each other and while delivering quality instruction to their students. Ann does not offer “canned” presentations; rather she develops training to fit your school’s unique needs. Ann will meet with you to determine your intended outcomes and, with your input, will create the perfect professional learning experience for your teachers. She offers trainings ranging from planning period workshops to full day seminars. Ann can plan your leadership team retreat and your teacher workday or anything in between. Ann truly works as your partner, and her goal is to develop training that will support your unique vision for your school. She will help you move that vision toward reality in a positive and inspiring manner.

Seminars include:

  • Creating and nurturing effective Professional Learning Communities/Teams
  • Leadership Training for Grade Level and Department Chairs
  • Training and mentoring teacher leaders
  • Building positive school culture
  • Creating and Utilizing Common Formative Assessment
  • Standards-based instruction
  • Directionality — communication style
  • Using LKES and TKES to improve all aspects of your school for students